Episode 65: Becoming Infinitely More With Amy Conway-Hatcher

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Today’s episode is with Amy Conway-Hatcher, author of Infinitely More. I’ve long wanted Amy on this podcast and am excited to share her insight and wisdom with you.

This is especially for my female audience. For those of you who feel like the deck is stacked against you. And that it’s harder for women to succeed in law (or any profession).

    Here’s What We Talk About In Becoming Infinitely More:

    • The toxic culture of many firms (especially Big Law), why it happens and how to change it for the better.
    • The reasons why so many law firms fall short of the culture they claim to have.
    • Why female attorneys have it harder, and how/why it can actually be worse the more senior you are.
    • Why a culture change starts with you.
    • How to take control of your career and become happily successful (without feeling as if you’ve had to sacrifice too much or settle for less).

      About Amy Conway-Hatcher

      Amy Conway-Hatcher is a fierce advocate, warrior career mom, and former federal prosecutor. After decades of managing 24/7 crises, climbing to the upper echelons of Big Law, and sacrificing family for career, Amy left her high-paying equity partner job and an unsustainable climb…to reclaim her life.

      Amy wrote Infinitely More to shine a spotlight on systemic workplace inequities that hold women back. Through witty and darkly humorous story-telling, Amy:

      • Challenges leaders to take bolder actions to fix uneven playing fields.
      • Advocates for women to stand firmly in control of their careers.

      Today, a partner in a boutique law firm specializing in complex legal problems, Conway-Hatcher thrives as an advocate, author, speaker, and mom of teens.

      All proceeds of her book are being donated to organizations that support women and girl leaders of the future.

      Here’s where to find and connect with Amy:

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