Today we’re talking about the #1 thing that holds you back…Your inner glass ceiling.

Is the world unfair? Absolutely.

Are there systemic inequities that could impact you? Yep.

But that’s NOT what’s primarily holding you back. What’s holding you back are the internal narratives around your capabilities, how the world works and so on that convince you to:

  • Not speak up with your ideas (or argue for yourself).
  • Stay where you are (miserably).

Simply put: your inner glass ceiling is the voice inside that convinces you NOT to show up fully.

The good news is that you can take control and change your internal narratives. THAT’s how to break through your inner glass ceiling. And it’s worth it because it’s how you fulfill your fullest potential.

    In Breaking Through Your Inner Glass Ceiling, You’ll Discover:

    • The root causes for your inner glass ceiling and how to figure out where your ceiling shows up in life (including the common excuses to look out for).
    • How to identify the internal narratives holding you back.
    • The 3 steps to break through your inner glass ceiling.

    I’ll also share with you how mine has tended to show up within my life (and how I’ve worked to overcome it).

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