Episode 15: Business Masterminds for Lawyers

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Have you ever heard of business masterminds (or masterminds in general)?  They’re all the rage within the entrepreneurial world and C-Suite environment.  Yet they’re not well known in the legal world.

But today we’re changing that because I know first-hand how powerful joining a business mastermind can be.

But only if you join the right one.  The last thing you want is to join something that uses the ‘mastermind’ name but isn’t a real mastermind.  And you definitely don’t want to waste your money on something that doesn’t bring you a real return.

Join me today to learn the what, why and how of business masterminds. So that you can decide whether a mastermind is right for you and how to go about finding the perfect fit (or even create one for yourself).

    In Business Masterminds for Lawyers, you’ll learn:

    • What a mastermind is (and isn’t) so that you can quickly spot whether a promoted group ‘mastermind’ is what it claims to be.
    • The benefits of business masterminds (and why that’s especially the case for lawyers).
    • How joining a mastermind can help you to grow your business, sharpen your business skills, and even grow personally.
    • How to find a business mastermind (or even create one for yourself).
    • 5 key things to consider when joining or creating a mastermind.

    A Business Mastermind For Lawyers, Run By A Lawyer

    Keep things simple. Be fully supported. Build the practice you really want.  So that you can increase your profits + impact without burning out.

    Go here to learn more (note: this is ONLY for partners, shareholders and of counsel attorneys in private practice).


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