Wouldn’t it be nice if you could choose to be happy? I’ve got some good news… you CAN. You might be thinking that’s not possible. After all, life happens. And it’s not all sunshine and butterflies (is it?).

Part of the problem is how we humans tend to define what happiness even is. Join me today to learn how to redefine what happiness really is and then choose it for yourself.

Let me be clear about something. This isn’t about thinking positive thoughts or seeing a silver-lining that doesn’t exist (that’s actually toxic, and we’ll have none of that). What I’m talking about is learning how to be content in who you are and how you’re living life. No matter what.

This is an important episode because it will help you take agency over your life and career.

    What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

    • Why those who constantly chase happiness rarely ever find it.
    • How to rethink + redefine happiness in a way that’s more realistic (and will actually make you happier).
    • What it means to choose to be happy (and how to get started right now).

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