Episode 61: Why You Get To Choose Your Path With Davina Frederick

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

In this thought-provoking episode, you’ll gain insight and wisdom from guest Davina Frederick (host of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast). We’ll talk about how to embrace change (and hence, uncertainty) so that you can choose your path forward and succeed in law and life.

    About Davina Frederick

    Davina Frederick is a Florida-licensed attorney, law firm growth strategist, and business coach for women law firm owners.

    Prior to starting her own law firm in 2007 and growing it successfully during the 2008 recession and its aftermath, she enjoyed a career as a professional services marketer. 

    Davina is the author of two books:

    • The Wealthy Woman Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Marketing in the
      Virtual Age: 10 Bold Actions to Take Now to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Total Ease
    • The Wealthy Woman Lawyer’s Guide to a Systems-Driven Law Firm Business: 7 Essential Systems You Need to Take Back Your Time, Avoid Burnout, and Create Lasting Wealth.

    She’s also the founder and host of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast.

    Get to know more about and connect with Davina here:

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