Today we’re talking with guest Allison Stewart about creating your own success at work. This is the perfect follow-up to last week’s episode because Allison’s story shows you how to create your own space.

The idea behind creating your own space is this…

If there’s an area where you want to make a difference, then take the lead to do something about it in your own way.

That’s exactly what Allison did when she started her popular podcast – Women In Law On The Record – as a young associate.

I think you’ll be inspired by Allison to start creating your own space (and hence success) for yourself. Not only is she a great example of creating your own success but she shares a ton of wisdom on how to be happier as a lawyer (even in BigLaw).

    Here’s Some Of What We Cover In Creating Your Own Success:

    • Why NOT wait to get started (because you don’t become influential by waiting and it’s never too early).

    • Why it’s so important to focus on MORE than just your billables (as a private practice lawyer).

    • Allison’s healthy way of approaching billables versus non-billables (that lead to a more balanced, fulfilling life).


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