Episode 18: Dual Career Couple (With Kids) Dilemma

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast


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Are you a dual career couple who either has or is planning to have children? Do you worry that being a dual career parent is (or will) limit your career opportunities?

Here’s the thing. . .

Dual career couples with children (and even those who don’t yet have kids but are planning to) have different priorities, which means making different choices.  And the choices you made come with tradeoffs.

So. . . how do you prioritize your family and achieve the things you want at work?  Is it even possible to do both without sacrificing too much at home or settling at work?

That’s what we’re getting into today.

Please note that everyone makes tradeoffs in life. And ultimately that’s what today’s episode is all about. . . how to determine the right tradeoffs for YOU.

And so today’s episode will be helpful to all (even though we address the issue within the context of dual career couples with kids).

In the Dual Career Couple (With Kids) Dilemma, You’ll:

  • Learn about 3 key mindset shifts for making decisions you’re content with so that you can stop feeling like you’re often missing out.
  • Get a 5-step decision-making framework for determining what’s right for you (no matter the circumstances).
  • Learn the importance of focusing on quality over quantity of time, and why quality isn’t what you think it is (hint: it’s not about perfect, pre-planned moments).
  • A secret way to help you STOP comparing yourself to others (especially non-dual career couple colleagues).

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