Episode 104: Feel Better Starting Now (By Focusing On This One Thing)

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Surveys show that a majority of attorneys feel stressed and/or anxious most or all of the time. If that’s you, listen up because today you’ll learn how to change your focus to start feeling better now.

Because overwhelming stress, anxiety and burnout shouldn’t be the norm for practicing attorneys. And you CAN succeed without sacrificing yourself in the process.

Learn how to get started in today’s episode.

    Here’s What We Cover In Today’s Episode About How To Feel Better Starting Now:

    • The severe drawbacks of focusing on time.
    • What to focus on instead of time that will help you determine your next steps to feeling better quickly.
    • How to quiet your inner critical voice AND empower yourself to make more intentional decisions for your practice and life.

    Rewire Your Mind To Think, Feel & Be Your Best

    Take today’s episode further with the Legal Mindset Mastery Toolkit >>>here for 10 research-backed stress solution strategies that can be done in minutes.

    ✓ Quickly calm a spinning mind when under pressure.

    ✓ Think strategically through the inevitable hard & fast curveballs thrown your way.

    ✓ Be actively present and laser focused whenever you want to be.

    ✓ Bounce back quickly from unanticipated setbacks.

    ✓ Be cool-as-a-cucumber (even in the midst of unreasonable demands).


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