Episode #30: It's Okay To Feel Fear (Don't Let It Stop You) With Guest Monica Blacker

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

I have some good news: it’s okay (even normal) to feel fear. That shouldn’t be life-shattering, and yet… most of us try to ignore it at all costs. It’s uncomfortable (and we don’t like how vulnerable it makes us feel).

The problem is that by ignoring your fears they grow. That’s when they have power over you. They impact your decisions and hold you back.

Join me and special guest Monica Blacker (lawyer and founder of BAX Advisors) in today’s Life & Law Podcast to learn the top fears that hold most attorneys back and how to face (even feel) fear. So that you can act despite your fears.

Because here’s the thing… fear is what tells you that you’re not ready and persuades you that you won’t make a real difference. These are lies. And they’re standing in your way of making the impact you want.


Here’s What’s Covered In It’s Okay To Feel Fear:

  • The most common fears that hold most attorneys back (Monica’s #1 most encountered fear will surprise you).
  • Monica’s #1 tip for when you’re ready to make a change (so that fear doesn’t stop you from doing it).
  • Simple strategies for overcoming and acting despite fear.

And because Monica’s business is all about diversity and inclusion, we also get into what diversity and inclusion really is (hint: stop looking at numbers, start focusing on belonging).


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