Ever find yourself dreaming about all the things you want to achieve yet doubting you’ll ever get there? Maybe the problem starts when you’re goal setting (you’re not setting big enough goals for yourself).

It’s easy to let fear and doubt get in the way.

Which is why I brought fellow coach (and fellow cancer survivor) Dina Cataldo onto the podcast to talk about how to overcome fears and set big, scary goals.

Because you deserve to accomplish all the things you want.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Ready To Go Big (In Goal-Setting):

  • The #1 thing that holds most lawyers back from going after their big dreams (hint: it has nothing to do with other people, your firm or circumstances).
  • How the beliefs you have around your own abilities creates reality (and influences how others perceive you).
  • Why becoming more aware of your own thoughts and beliefs is the first step for overcoming your own limitations.
  • The difference between creating a doable plan versus an aspirational one (and why the former is better than the latter).
  • How to quickly improve your confidence so you can start goal-setting bigger (and achieve bigger things).

Achieve Big (Don’t Just Think Big) Starting Now

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      About Dina Cataldo

      A UCLA grad, Dina double-majored in English literature and history. After graduating from McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, she became a criminal prosecutor and for 15 years tried dozens of jury trials ranging from DUI to homicide–and negotiated thousands of cases.

      After a breast cancer diagnosis at 29, Dina realized if chemo felt like a vacation, there was something wrong with what she was experiencing as a lawyer.

      Dina now helps lawyers create clarity on what they want, calm overwhelm caused by overthinking, and make their lives 1000% easier.

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