Episode 41: #1 Daily Habit For Happiness (Gratitude)

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

The#1 daily habit for happiness is (hands down)… gratitude. Today, you’ll learn why it’s so transformative.

Not only will you get the science-backed benefits, but you’ll also get the scoop around how Heather went from a non-believer to a regular gratitude practicioner (while battling breast cancer).

    In Today’s Episode About Why Gratitude Is The #1 Daily Habit For Happiness, You’ll Learn:

    • The science-backed benefits of a regular gratitude practice.
    • How gratitude rewires your brain (and how that impacts your outlook on life and even your own abilities).
    • Common misconceptions around gratitude.
    • How to start practicing gratitude now (you’ll be amazed at how simple, quick and easy it really is).

    And (of course), you’ll get the full story around how Heather became a true believer in the power of gratitude (and why it really is the #1 daily habit for happiness).

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