How often do you find yourself saying and/or thinking… I have no choice. There’s only one option. It’s the only way.

You probably think these things often, without realizing it.

That’s because your brain wants you to stick with the obvious, known path before you. The path it believes is known.

Regardless of what your brain wants to convince you, there are always other options. Some might be easier. Many are better in the long-run (if not easier).

By opening yourself up to all options, you will make more informed decisions. Find out how – and why – in today’s episode.

    Here’s What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

    • How to identify all the options available to you.

    • An exercise for making the best decision, given your options.

    • Why opening yourself up to all options is empowering (even if you choose the default option you previously believed was the only one).

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