Episode 48: How To Plan To Succeed With Guest Sarah Light

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Join me and guest Sarah Light for a practical discussion around how to plan to succeed in the year ahead.

This episode gets into the actionable, how-to of planning that often gets ignored. But it shouldn’t!

Proper planning will help you more effectively achieve your goals, determine priorities (even when everything feels important) and get more done with less effort, more ease. So be sure to listen to today’s enlightening episode.

    In How To Plan To Succeed, You’ll Learn:

    • Why tackling quick, easy tasks first is often the wrong thing to do.
    • Why (and how) to time block.
    • How to pair habits to increase focus and motivation.
    • Why intentional planning ahead of time helps you build better boundaries (even say no more often, guilt-free).
    • BONUS: how to make big changes to your life (and career) without letting fear get in your way.

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