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Episode 20: How To Sell As A Lawyer Without Feeling Sleazy Or Awkward

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast


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If you’re a lawyer in private practice, then it’s important to know how to sell as a lawyer.

The problem with that is that most attorneys aren’t all that comfortable with selling. It feels suuuuuper uncomfortable (and hence isn’t very natural for you).

That changes now.

Inside today’s episode we’re covering how to shift your mindset around selling and use a simple framework for how to sell naturally as YOU (100% sleaze-free).

    What you’ll learn in How To Sell As a Lawyer:

    • The #1 BEST approach for how to sell with confidence and ease (that’s also incredibly effective).
    • A step-by-step outline of how to sell while having a natural conversation with a potential client (whether it’s a referral or someone who’s called you out of the blue).
    • WHAT to say to potential new clients and HOW to say it (along with the psychology behind WHY) that will help you quickly build trust.
    • How to determine whether a new matter &/or client is really a good fit, and how (and why) to say no to work while maintaining trust.
    • Top tips for formal sales pitches.

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