Lawyer depression and burnout is too common. And the stats back it up.

According to (the widely discussed) 2016 survey conducted by the ABA:

  • 28 percent lawyers reported suffering from depression,
  • 19 percent of lawyers reported having severe anxiety, and
  • 11.4 percent of lawyers reported having had suicidal thoughts in the previous year.

And in my experience, the pandemic has made it even worse – and it’s not okay.

Why are these numbers so high? How can we lower them?

I don’t have all the answers. But what I do know is that the vast majority of lawyers suffer in silence. Which makes it so much worse.

That’s why I invited Nicole Miller onto the podcast today.

Join me for an open, sometimes raw conversation about lawyer depression, stress and anxiety. Through Nicole’s bravery, my hope is that you can identify where stress, anxiety and/or depression might be showing up for you and stop suffering in silence.

Because it doesn’t have to be – or feel – this way.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode About Lawyer Depression & Burnout:

  • Why the preprogrammed path most lawyers take sets you up for chronic stress and burnout.
  • Why just changing your environment isn’t typically going to fix things (it goes deeper than that).
  • How burnout can lead to depression.
  • Why you’re not the only one struggling – and how helpful it is just to know that (so reach out for help!).
  • Why boundaries are so transformational (and key to going from burned out to balanced).

About Nicole Miller

Nicole is best described as a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. Currently, she is an attorney, a legal recruiter, and a small/solo firm workflow systems consultant. She has two boys and lives in the Dallas area.

Here’s how to find out more about and connect with Nicole:


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