Too many lawyers think that being a lawyer is WHO they are (even though it isn’t). And then they suddenly find themselves in the midst of a lawyer identity crisis, not knowing how to define who they are.

I see this a lot – especially when attorneys have kids, go from private practice to an in-house position and decide to do something non-traditional with their degree (like me).

And I know (first-hand) how scary it feels to be in the midst of a lawyer identity crisis. The good news is you can figure out the answer you’re looking for.

Join me for a powerful conversation with fellow lawyer coach Erin Gerner to find out how to figure out who you are (and then thrive both personally and professionally).

Here’s What You’ll Learn Within Today’s Lawyer Identity Crisis Episode:

  • The either/or fallacy most attorneys fall prey to (that creates a lawyer identity crisis).
  • The first red flag indicator that perhaps you don’t know who you are and are playing by other people’s rules (that often shows up as early as law school).
  • Why private practice attorneys often falsely believe that going in-house will make them happy (yet doesn’t).
  • The importance of mentorship when it comes to both personal and professional development (including knowing who you are).
  • How ego plays into your identity crisis, and often prevents you from making a change.

About & Connect With Erin Gerner

Erin Gerner is a former attorney turned life coach for women attorneys. She’s on a mission to help female attorneys discover a new way of thinking that leads to true happiness and fulfillment.

Connect with Erin here:

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