Episode 13: Your Legal Marketing & Business Development Plan

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

What’s your business development plan?  Do you even have one?  In my experience, most attorneys don’t (even those who think they do often don’t really have one).

Here’s the deal: you need a good plan if you want to develop your own book of business.  A plan that’s simple, easy to implement and keeps you motivated so that you’ll take consistent action to achieve your business development goals.

This topic is important for ALL private practice attorneys. Because the truth is that having your own book of business is the BEST way to being in control of your practice and your life.

And even if you’re not yet at the level where you’re ready to build your own practice, starting early will build your skills.

So. . .

If you sometimes struggle to fit business development into your busy schedule, aren’t sure what strategies to utilize and/or dread asking for the sale, listen up.  We’re getting into all of that today (and much more).

    What you’ll learn in Your Legal Marketing & Business Development Plan:

    • My 5-step framework for how to create a values & strengths-based business development plan.
    • How to keep your business development plan super simple so that you don’t waste time and instead stay consistent (even when busy).
    • The secret to creating the perfect business development goals.
    • How to leverage your strengths so that you can have fun with business development.
    • How to sell with ease (without feeling salesy, slimey or awkward).

    A Business Mastermind For Lawyers, Run By A Lawyer

    Keep things simple. Be fully supported. Build the practice you really want.  So that you can increase your profits + impact without burning out.

    Go here to learn more (note: this is ONLY for partners, shareholders and of counsel attorneys in private practice).


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