Episode 14: Success & Balance As A Lawyer (With Guest Jim Chester)

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Question: can you have both success and balance as a lawyer?

Maybe you’re thinking “nope” (or at least questioning whether it’s truly possible).

I’m here to tell you that yes, you can have both.  In fact, I’ve already given you the roadmap for how to do it (and have covered these topics in prior episodes).

But I know that sometimes it’s hard to put it into practice without seeing context through a real-life example.  That brings us to today’s episode. . .

Success And Balance As A Lawyer With Guest Jim Chester

  • Join me and my 1st guest, a former colleague and client, for a conversation around how to succeed in BOTH life and law.
  • Learn how to redefine success using your values as your guide so that you can put your priorities front and center (and how to let go of what others think about you + leave your ego behind).
  • Discover how to juggle varying interests and commitments without feeling overwhelmed, including how to reverse course when things get too busy.
  • Learn where (and how) to start figuring out your own version of success (even if you’re not sure what to think/do).

A Business Mastermind For Lawyers, Run By A Lawyer

Keep things simple. Be fully supported. Build the practice you really want.  So that you can increase your profits + impact without burning out.

“Perfect for any lawyer wanting to get to the next level without losing yourself in the process.” – Jim Chester

Go here to learn more & apply (note: this is ONLY for partners, shareholders and of counsel attorneys in private practice).


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