Episode 97: LinkedIn Lawyer Marketing With Stefanie Marrone

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Like most lawyers, you’re probably on LinkedIn. Perhaps you use it to connect with peers, clients and colleagues. And also for occasional firm marketing posts. But…

Are you maximizing your LinkedIn lawyer marketing efforts to your best advantage?

If you’re like most lawyers, the answer is “no”.

Join me and guest expert Stefanie Marrone for an enlightening conversation around how to utilize LinkedIn for relationship building, revenue generation and branding.

And as a special bonus, thanks to Stefanie sharing her story, we also have a powerful discussion around:

  • The mental health problems plaguing the legal industry.
  • What to do when you feel like you’re at the end of your rope.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In LinkedIn Lawyer Marketing:

  • Why the traditional way of handling personal problems (i.e., check them at the door) isn’t mentally healthy or even possible.
  • How law firms can better address employee mental health issues.
  • The #1 thing missing from most lawyers’ online profiles.
  • Small things you can do now to drastically improve your online brand and grow your business.
  • The secret to lawyer marketing for business growth. [Hint: it begins within your mind]

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    About Stefanie Marrone

    Stefanie Marrone advises law firms and other professional service firms with brand building, revenue generating strategies and tactics in marketing, business development, social media and communications. She also serves as outsourced chief marketing officer/marketing department for law firms.

    Stefanie’s core focus is on how to effectively utilize social media platforms for relationship building, revenue generation and branding. She creates development and social media training programs and helps professionals of all levels build their brands and businesses.

    Follow Stefanie at:

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