Leading with charged emotions is never helpful. You want to be more balanced so that you can think creatively, stay calm under pressure and be a more effective manager (and leader). But there’s an art to managing emotions.

Which is why learning how to manage emotions is one of the top requests I get from new clients (both for leadership and business coaching).

In today’s episode, you’ll learn 3 simpel tips to help you manage your emotions effectively, lead with more confidence and be a more impactful leader.

    Here’s What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode About Managing Emotions:

    • Why you have a right to your feelings (they aren’t the real problem).
    • The reason you must know your biases (and what that term really means) if you’re going to manage your emotions effectively.
    • The #1 thing to keep in mind when dealing with emotions about other people.
    • The importance of getting behind your emotions into the thoughts and beliefs that trigger them in the first place.
    • 5 easy things you can start doing now to help you better recognize and manage your emotions.


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