Episode 69: 3 Common Mindset Blocks (Making Everything Harder)

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Do you sometimes have trouble achieving goals? Not able to commit time to the things you want? Feel like you’re not getting far enough fast enough? At least part of your problem likely relates to one or more mindset blocks.

The other part of the problem? You’re either:

  • Unaware of their existence, or
  • Believe they aren’t a problem (because they’re so universal).

The good news is that you can overcome whatever blocks are getting in your way. So long as you understand what they are.

    In Today’s Episode About 3 Common Mindset Blocks, You’ll Learn:

    • How the need for simplicity can work against you (but need not).
    • Why accepting that things will be hard is important to your success (and how to have more fun when things get hard).
    • How to not compare yourself (or your results) to other people, and be good with where you are now… even as you work for something better.
    • Why you must check in with yourself regularly to ensure you’re not on the wrong path (and why it’s not always good to keep moving forward, and instead okay to let go of a goal, strategy or dream).


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