Do you believe in work life balance? What about having it all? Do you think that success requires sacrifice?

Before answering, dig deep and ask whether your gut reaction is the truth. Because – in my experience – most people who claim:

  • work life balance is a myth,
  • having it all isn’t possible, and
  • tradeoffs (which means some sort of sacrifice) are part of life…

…Don’t act as if they actually believe those things.

They want work life balance to be possible. They act as if they should be able to have it all. And they don’t want to admit to their tradeoffs.

Even though the current work life balance definition isn’t workable, it’s impossible to have it all and every decision you make has at least one tradeoff.

These are myths that you unwittingly believe that are making you miserable. Which is why we’re tackling them today.

    Here’s What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode About The Myths Making You Miserable:

    • How to reframe work life balance into something that’s workable (and will lead you to actually feel balanced).
    • Why having it all is overrated (and what to focus on instead).
    • How to make decisions that you feel good about despite the tradeoffs.


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