Episode 36: Niching Down To Build Up (Client Development Spotlight)

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Want to make it easier to build your book of business? Pick a solid niche. Niching down will make it easier to market your practice, network and sell.

And – contrary to popular belief – it won’t limit you.

Listen to today’s episode to learn the benefits of choosing a niche for your practice, how it makes client development easier (not harder) and how to go about choosing the right niche.

    Here’s what you’ll learn in Niching Down To Build Up:

    • What a niche even is.
    • The main benefits of niching down your practice.
    • Why the riches really are in the niches.
    • Why choosing a niche won’t limit you (but can actually free you).
    • A simple 3-step process for choosing your niche.

    Today’s episode is a client development spotlight that aims to help you simplify business development (and be consistent), so be sure to listen!

    Ready To Grow The Legal Practice You Actually Want

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    • Transform business development from something that’s overwhelming into an activity you’re consistent with and enjoy?
    • Sell with confidence (instead of feeling awkward or pushy)?

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