Episode 38: Partner Compensation Reviews (Preparation & Long-Term Strategy)

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast


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Partner compensation reviews can be tricky. Although they’re similar to a normal year-end review, there are added nuances that need special consideration.

This is your chance to make your case around the value you bring to your firm (and get paid for it accordingly!). And so it’s important to think strategically about your review and be fully prepared.

Moreover, effective preparation will give you a roadmap for moving forward (including whether it’s time to grow, pivot or change firms).

    Here’s What We’re Covering In Partner Compensation Reviews:

    • Overall strategy considerations (including whether you’re at the right firm).
    • What to look at when preparing for your compensation review (including which numbers are most important to consider and why).
    • Why your numbers aren’t the only ones to consider (and what else you should look at).
    • The things to highlight and what to NOT ignore (hint: address mistakes + failures).

    Not only will this episode give you a leg up going into your annual compensation review, but it will help you create a better long-term strategy for your legal practice moving forward.

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