Episode 70: A Recovering Lawyer's Journey Into Podcasting (Podcasting For Lawyers)

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Is podcasting for lawyers just another legal marketing gimmick? What would you use it for (and what would you even talk about)?

Isn’t podcasting too time consuming to make it worthwhile for a busy lawyer like you? And how would you even get started?

Join me and my guest (fellow recovering lawyer Robert Ingalls) to get the answers to all of the questions above and so much more.

Like many lawyers, Robert battled anxiety for years from the pressure, long hours, and constant conflict of a litigation career. When he was finally ready to throw in the towel, he had no idea what to do next.

With no business/marketing background and only a love for podcasts Robert decided to see if lawyers would pay him to help them launch podcasts. The answer? Yep.

Within four years, LawPods was producing podcasts for the biggest brands in law.

No matter your angle, today’s guest and his story is inspirational and packed full of gems I know you’ll learn from.

    Here’s What We Talk About Today’s Podcasting For Lawyers Episode:

    • How the the typical lawyer mindset (and our amazing ability to lean in) can work against us.
    • When to listen to your intuition (not just facts).
    • The mindset shift Robert made that transformed his anxiety-ridden mindset into one of contentment (that you can do too!).
    • How to use podcasting as an effective legal marketing, branding and even networking tool.
    • The main reasons for having a podcast (and why NOT to have one).
    • Whether podcasting for lawyers will work for all attorneys  (from solo to Big Law attorneys) and why/why not.

      About Brian Ingalls & PodPals

      Robert Ingalls is a recovering attorney, professional speaker, and the founder of LawPods, one of the first podcast production agencies for law firms.

      At LawPods, Robert and his team help some of the premier law firms in the world launch and grow branded podcasts that build relationships and drive revenue.

      Find out more about LawPods and connect with Robert here:

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