Episode 32: How To Prepare For Your Annual Review

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

It’s already that time of year. . . when you’re being asked to do a self-evaluation in preparation for your annual review.  But do you know how to prepare for your annual review?

There’s a right (and wrong) way to prepare for your annual review. And if you’re serious about your long-term professional development (regardless of whether you want to stay where you are or move on), then it’s important to prepare properly.

Because contrary to popular belief, your annual review isn’t just about putting your best foot forward.  It’s not even primarily about that.

Instead, your review (and the entire review process) is about ensuring that you’re continually developing as a lawyer, manager and leader.

Yes, it’s THAT important. Which is why we’re covering how to properly prepare for your annual review in today’s episode of the Life & Law Podcast.

    In How To Prepare For Your Annual Review, You’ll Learn:

    • The importance of proper planning and evaluation (before you even look at your employer’s evaluation form).
    • Why you shouldn’t ignore mistakes (and how focusing on them can actually help you).
    • The exact questions to ask yourself when reviewing your accomplishments, efforts and (yes) failures of the past year.
    • What to do moving forward to make this process even easier in the years ahead.

    You’ll be learning my 7-step framework for the most productive performance evaluation possible. So that you can skyrocket your long-term success and professional development.

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