Do you dread holiday gatherings? You’re not alone, as they’re a leading cause for holiday stress. Want to learn how to prevent holiday stress by learning how to prepare and feel calm no matter what?

This episode will help you enjoy yourself even when:

  • Your sister-in-law talks politics.
  • A colleague interrupts your conversation (again).
  • Your aunt chastises your parenting style.

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    Here’s What You’ll Learn In How To Prevent Holiday Stress:

    • How to shift your mentality from dread to compassionately curious before-hand – even choose how you want to feel and stay in that place (no matter what happens).

    • My top tip for how to deal with difficult questions, nagging people and opinions you just don’t agree with (that will make you more compassionate and change their behavior too).

    • How to quickly change your mindset when triggered unexpectedly.

    Ready To Create The Success You Want In Law & Life?

    and ditch stress, overthinking & people-pleasing for good

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