Episode 42: Do This To Reduce Holiday Stress (Self-Care During The Holidays)

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Holiday stress is a problem for most people. Your calendar grows, you want to create the BEST time for your kids and finances can be a bit tight.

Add into the mix year-end closings, reviews and collection drives, and it’s no wonder why so many lawyers end up wishing the holiday season would pass them by!

But this year can be different. Join me today to learn how to simplify your self-care during the holidays to drastically reduce holiday stress. Because you deserve to enjoy this holiday season.

    In Today’s Episode About How To Beat Back Holiday Stress You’ll Discover:

    • 5 easy things you can do to simplify self-care and reduce stress during the holidays (no matter how busy you are).
    • A secret reason behind why you’re so stressed during the holidays (and how to overcome this NOW).
    • Practical, easy ways to implement self-care during the holidays.

    And be sure to join the Get Reenergized Self-Care Challenge >>>here (to help you lock in all that you learn in today’s episode).

    Ready To Retake Control of Your Career (and Life)?

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