Most lawyers choose this noble profession for a reason… there’s real purpose (even passion) behind that choice. And yet statistics show that a majority of lawyers are stressed, anxious and utterly unfulfilled. How can you regain your sense of purpose? Is it even possible?

The short answer? Absolutely!

The problem is that there’s a big misconception out there around what purpose even is. But the good news is that purpose isn’t found, it’s created. And it’s simpler to create then you likely realize.

Join me in today’s episode to discover how to regain your sense of purpose for the law, your career, your practice and even within your life!

    In How To Regain Your Sense Of Purpose, You’ll:

    • Learn what purpose really is, and why society’s definition of purpose + passion tends to lead people astray.
    • Get a step-by-step guide for how to quickly regain your sense of purpose (without having to change employers or careers).
    • Discover the simple thing you can do (immediately) to bring more meaning, purpose and belonging back into your life.


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