Do you fumble your words when asking for business? Does selling feel awkward – even pushy? It’s time to learn how to sell with confidence and grace.

Because the truth is – as a private practice lawyer – you must sell to grow your business.

Learn from my client, Alicia Voltmer, who shares how she transformed her outlook (and approach) to selling. This has enabled her to sell authentically and often because she feels good about it. And the best part is how effective it’s made her.

She increased business by close to 30% last year and smashed right past last year’s record year a little over half-way through this year!

Learn how to start making the same shift for yourself in today’s interview.

Here Is What’s Covered In You Can Sell With Confidence:

  • Why selling need not feel pushy or awkward (and the key to ensuring it’s NOT).
  • The mindset shift that will have you selling with confidence, grace and ease (also, more effectively than ever).
  • The factors to consider about yourself to determine the best business development strategies to use (that will make selling easier and lead to more sales).

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