Episode 63: Speak With Presence, Connect With Your Audience With Marsha Redmon

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Want to know how to speak with presence in any presentation (whether to a client, in a large group presentation, virtually or in-person)? So that you can be more effective, win more client pitches and become known as a thought leader?

Today’s guest is your answer.

Please welcome Marsha Redmon to the show, an expert communicator and presentation coach. Not only will you learn how to increase your presentation style, you’ll also learn why it’s so important for credibility, authority and connection.

    In Speak With Presence, Connect With Your Audience, You’ll Learn:

    • Why virtual presentations are here to stay.
    • Top tips for how to present yourself and connect with your audience when presenting virtually.
    • The differences between presenting virtually vs. in-person.
    • How to navigate a hybrid presentation (where some attendants are in the room with you and others are streaming virtually).
    • Simply ways to naturally connect with your audience and build quick credibility.

      About Marsha Redmon

      Marsha Redmon is the secret weapon elite law firms and lawyers have gone to for 20+ years to have a more powerful presence when they speak. During COVID, she has become the go-to expert for how speak with confidence and engage powerfully virtually.

      Marsha is a former practicing attorney and award-winning TV journalist. Her workshops teach lawyers and executives the speaking skills and a fast messaging process they need for effective thought leadership in every scenario: speeches, panels, pitches, media interviews, client summits.

      Here’s where to find and connect with Marsha:

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