Are you successful on paper – even held up by others as a role model – yet think “why would anyone want this”? It’s time to create success on your terms (which might not be what you assume it is).

Join me and fellow lawyer Suzi Hixon for an inspiring conversation about the things that she sees holding many lawyers (especially female attorneys) back and how to overcome them. So you can create the practice and life you want.

Here Is What We Cover In Success On Your Terms:

  • Why you’ll likely change your mind around what success means (and what you even want out of your practice) over time.
  • Embracing change and going out on a limb (even though it’s hard, feels vulnerable and you might fail).
  • The importance of boundaries for achieving what you want AND garnering respect.

Create The Law Practice You Actually Want

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      About Suzi Hixon

      Suzi Hixon, Esq. is the founder and CEO of Legally Blissed™. She has practiced trademark law for nearly two decades in corporate firms and in her own boutique practice.

      Suzi draws on her extensive legal experience & coach training to help attorneys boost their self-confidence, cultivate and reach their goals, and manage and grow their own practices. She is passionate about helping burned-out attorneys redesign their own law practice on their terms – whether within big law or solo practice.

      Connect with Suzi via Legally Blissed.


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