You might find this strange but breast cancer was a blessing in many ways. Although I wouldn’t wish it on anyone (and would be happy to have not had it) I’m grateful for the many life lessons it gave me.

What I’ve come to realize is that the most difficult experiences often bring with them the biggest rewards (in unexpected ways).

Join me in today’s special 100th episode to find out what cancer taught me and how to apply these lessons to your life.

    Here’s What You’ll Learn In What Cancer Taught Me:

    • What letting go actually is (and how to do it).
    • How going through difficult times builds resilience (and why you must embrace your own vulnerability).
    • The good that occurs when you’re vulnerable.
    • How and why to forgive those who let you down.
    • The #1 thing we all try to hide from everyone else (that we shouldn’t).

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