What is business development? Does it include… marketing, branding, and/or selling? And what about networking?

How do these fit into an effective business development plan?

Today, we’re answering all of the questions above. Because business development isn’t just something you should do as a private practice lawyer… it’s a must-do (if you want a thriving practice of your own, that is).

And you don’t have to feel like it’s a necessary evil that takes up too much time.

The key is to understand exactly what it is so that you can have a clear, effective strategy that you can be consistent with.

    In What Is Business Development, You’ll Learn:

    • The 3 main prongs of attorney business development (and where thought leadership, branding, selling and marketing fit into the mix).
    • What your #1 goal should be (hint: it’s NOT about getting more clients).
    • The WHAT and WHY of legal marketing, and why marketing is only one small piece of business development.
    • The most common networking mistake lawyers make (that makes networking almost pointless).

    Listen to this episode to gain more understanding around what business development is and how to make it more effective for you (in a way that’s actually fun).

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