You here the phrase often enough. But do you actually know the answer to the question… What is emotional intelligence? And why on earth is it so important?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in today’s episode. Discover the what and why behind all things emotional intelligence. And how to start increasing your emotional intelligence right now.

    Here’s What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

    • The 5 key elements of emotional intelligence (and what each one entails).
    • The benefits of being an emotionally intelligent lawyer (hint: it will increase your ability to lead and attract great clients).
    • Ways to increase your emotional intelligence, including how to get started immediately.

    Links Mentioned In This Episode:

    Legal Mindset Mastery Toolkit

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    With 10 evidence-based stress-busting, mood-boosting & mind-sharping tools.

    Download your free guide >>>here.


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