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Hey there, I’m Heather.

I help lawyers build the career they really want so that they can increase both their impact and income without burning out (and make life + law FUN again).

Recovering lawyer turned executive coach. . . who practiced law for over 18 years & built a thriving law practice (to $2.5MM+).

According to my clients, I’m a no-BS, insightful and compassionate coach + advisor who helps you simplify what feels complicated so that you can build the legal career you really want.

And I’m also a lover of all things Tex-Mex (it’s an essential food group) + Texas Longhorns.

Although I enjoyed practicing law & built a business that provided a comfortable living, I was led in an unexpected direction after battling an aggressive breast cancer.  It’s what ultimately led me here.

I now combine my unique legal + business development wisdom with my coaching skills to help lawyers:

  • achieve more of what you want (while doing less),
  • reignite the spark that made you choose the law in the first place, and
  • free up more time for non-lawyerly things (you know. . . family, friends, even hobbies).
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After practicing law for more than 18 years and building a profitable practice from scratch here’s what I know:

1. Being a lawyer isn’t what makes you who you are.

Yes, you chose to be an attorney for a reason. There was purpose (dare I say passion) behind it.  And that’s important.

But it’s not all you are.  You’re MORE than that. [I say this because too many lawyers seem to lose themselves over time].

The good news is that when you tap back into the things that make you uniquely you (such as your values and strengths), you can leverage them.  And that makes life and law so much easier (and FUN).  It also makes you more successful because you’ll be a better leader, communicator and lawyer too.

Win – Win – Win.

2. You MUST put yourself first if you want to be your best.

We lawyers are programmed to believe that we MUST put our clients above all else.  Including ourselves.

But it’s a lie – and it’s killing us.  [There’s a reason lawyers are more stressed, anxious, depressed and suicidal than the average person.]

The good news is that it’s not either/or. . . either take good care of yourself OR provide great service to your clients.  By prioritizing your wellbeing, you’ll BE better (not just feel better).  And that means that you’ll be a better parent, spouse, friend, colleague and (yes) lawyer.

Yet another win – win.

The Life & Law Podcast is going to show you how to take better care of YOU and reconnect to the spark that made you want to be a lawyer in the first place.  So that you can achieve much more while doing less.

Ready to succeed in both life and law?

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