Do you money-shame yourself? Money-shaming is when you feel embarrassed or guilt around the money you make (and wanting to make more)? It’s common among attorneys, and needs to stop.

Maybe you admit that you want to increase your book of business and revenues. But you don’t say out loud that a big reason for this is because you want to make more money yourself. Because…

Shouldn’t you feel content with what you already have?

I call BS on all of it.

Why does this even matter?

When you feel shame around wanting to make money, don’t you think it’s impacting your ability to ask a client for more work or ask a friend for a referral (and how you ask when you do)?

[Honest answer? Yep.]

Your relationship with money impacts your decisions around money. And when you have shame around anything, it’s going to hurt your decision-making.

Listen to today’s episode to find out how to overcome this type of money-shaming.

What You’ll Learn Inside Today’s Money-Shame Episode

  • A simple 4-step process for how to stop feeling shame or embarrassment around the money you make (and want to make).
  • How to uncover the thoughts/beliefs you have around money (and get clarity around how it’s impacting you).
  • How to effectively challenge your beliefs to improve your relationship with money.
  • The exact questions to ask yourself that will empower you to make better decisions around your money (and how to make more).
  • Why the old adage about never talking about money is wrong.

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