Episode 66: Not Sure You Want To Practice Law Anymore? With Guest Sarah Cottrell

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

We all know that stress, anxiety and overwhelm tend to be synonymous with practicing law. But are you an unhappy lawyer because of that (and need help with navigating your way to a better mindset or law firm)? Or are are you one of those unhappy lawyers that would be happy, fulfilled and (much more) successful doing something else entirely?

And how can you tell the difference?

That’s exactly what we are getting into today.  Join me and special guest Sarah Cottrell, host of the Former Lawyer Podcast, to discover how to figure out the answer to WHY you’re an unhappy lawyer and then what to do about it.

Here Is What’s Covered In Today’s Episode:

  • What keeps unhappy lawyers stuck where they are.
  • How to know if you want to leave law altogether (or if it’s that you need a law firm or practice change).
  • The #1 thing to do should you decide you’re going to leave law behind.
  • Your next steps for figuring out what you want to do (if it’s not practicing law).

About Sarah Cottrell

Sarah Cottrell is the founder of Former Lawyer LLC and the host of the Former Lawyer Podcast. Sarah practiced law for 10 years before leaving the law for good in 2018.

She’s a lawyer career coach who helps unhappy lawyers ditch their soul-sucking jobs and find alternative careers. Sarah speaks and writes about systemic issues in the legal profession, lawyers’ mental health, and the truth about Big Law burnout.

Here’s where to find more about and connect with Sarah:


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