What if I said you can fit your practice – a thriving one at that – into the life you want. Instead of trying to cram a “life”around the practice (that’s taken over your life).

Listen to today’s conversation with guest Brian Glass to find out how to do that using your values as your guide.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The questions to start asking yourself in order to rearrange your law practice around the life you truly want.
  • How to plan around a big career/business change without getting stuck.
  • Simple ways to market using your values as your guide (that will bring a bigger ROI).
  • Hows to use your values when hiring employees, determining which clients to take on and deciding on what vendors to work with.

About Brian Glass

Brian Glass is a personal injury lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia, and is one of those rare lawyers who is as comfortable building a business as he is in the courtroom. Over the past four years, he has quadrupled the revenue of the auto accident section at Ben Glass Law and has big plans for the future. Brian credits this growth to – among other things – building a values-based business and hiring the right people into their correct positions.

Brian runs Time Freedom for Lawyers, a podcast dedicated to teaching other lawyers and high income professionals how to win back time by running more efficient businesses and crafting a vision of their own perfect life.

Brian’s perfect life includes coaching his three boys in soccer, baseball, and whatever other athletic endeavor they want to pursue; traveling the world with his wife of 13 years; and competing in endurance events.

Connect with Brian here:


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