Are you curious enough?

I had a conversation with a dear friend a month or so back who’s incredibly successful but admitted he’s bored. Which got me thinking about all the lawyers I’ve known who have complained of something similar…

  • Doing the same or similar work for years.
  • No longer excited about their work (or the law).
  • Just going through the motions until retirement.

What I’ve come to realize is that, no matter how long you’ve practiced, there’s always more to learn. And no reason to feel bored.

The key is to reengage the curiosity you once had. You know, that thing you had an abundance of as a child (and likely annoyed your parents and teachers with).

    Here’s What’s Covered In Are You Curious Enough?

    • The link between curiosity and happiness (something us lawyers definitely need more of).
    • How being curious will make you a better lawyer.
    • Tips for reengaging the curiosity that’s already within you.

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