This episode is for any associate who wants to be highly valued within your firm. So that you can get promoted, be paid well and more.

Please note that being a highly valued associate isn’t just about logging required hours and doing good work. There’s more to it than that. Some of which isn’t all that obvious or intuitive.

And it’s not just about being promoted or getting paid a lot of money (although yes, it will help you do both). This is also about your professional development as a lawyer. So that you can be the best lawyer you can possibly be.

    Here’s What You’ll Learn In How To Be A Highly Valued Associate:

    • Why your starting point isn’t about what you do for others but what you want out of your career.
    • Why having a good support network is crucial for your personal and professional development (and how to put the right one together).
    • How to be assertive in an appropriate, politically thoughtful way.
    • Why mistakes are expected and not as deadly as you think (but what IS deadly to your career after you’ve made a mistake).
    • How to take ownership of your career from an early stage.


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