Do you have a business plan, and if so, do you actually use it?

In my experience, most attorneys either:

  • Have never given thought to (much less created) a plan for their business, or
  • Have one but don’t utilize it (because the plan itself either isn’t very good or they don’t know how to utilize it once created).

Your time and energy reserves are both too valuable to waste on a plan that isn’t effective or utilized!

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time on one. Because a good business plan is your roadmap for how to best structure your practice/firm and grow it. So that you can create a long-term sustainable and thriving practice you enjoy.

Join me on the podcast today to learn how – and why – to create your own business plan.

What You’ll Learn In Business Plan Basics For Lawyers:

  • The main components of an effective plan.
  • How to get started creating your own plan.
  • How to use your plan once it’s created.

Become As Exceptional In The Business-Of-Law As You Are In The Practice-Of-Law.

Get the Lawyer Business Plan Checklist >>>here to sharpen your business acument and turn your big ideas for your practice into a concrete plan of action.


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