Episode 113: Here's What To Know About Starting Your Own Law Firm

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Have you ever thought about starting your own law firm? Are you in the process of getting started? Or have you started but are finding it more difficult than you imagined?

Today’s podcast and guest is for you.

Join me and guest Elise Buie for a candid conversation about what it takes to make your law firm successful in the long-run (and what to know as you get started to ensure you have the right foundation for success).

Elise is a successful law firm owner herself and has been gracious to come onto the podcast today to share her advice for how to start, grow and run a successful law firm of your own.

Here Is What’s Covered In What To Know About Starting Your Own Law Firm:

  • The #1 struggle most lawyers face when starting their own firm (that’s probably not what you think because it has nothing to do with understanding accounting, marketing, or basic business concepts).
  • The first questions you need to ask yourself when considering whether to start your own law firm or business.
  • What it takes to start, run and continue a successful law firm.
  • How to effectively handle attrition (even embrace it) without taking it personally.
  • How to use systems to bride the gap when people are on vacation or leave.

    About Elise Buie

    Elise Buie, Esq. is a passionate, creative, problem-solving family law attorney who creates solutions, not obstacles. After evacuating her hometown of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and surviving a divorce, Elise landed in Seattle and founded her law firm to help families thrive through change.

    Elise’s practice involves all aspects of family law and estate planning, guided by a collaborative philosophy and her deep understanding of complex parenting and family issues.

    Here’s where to find more about and connect with Elise:

    Books mentioned by Elise in today’s episode:

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