Want some real-life case studies for what following your values (and values-based success) looks like?

Here’s a perfect example…

I don’t know how to answer this question. I didn’t even come close to achieving my original goals.”

Said a client when I asked her to list out her achievements as a result of being a part of my mastermind (ELEVATE).

She considered herself a failure because she hadn’t achieved THE THING she joined the mastermind for.

But as she thought more fully on this question, she realized she DID have several big wins. It’s just that they weren’t what she initially imagined because her wins include things like:

  • Getting clarity that her original vision and goal wasn’t what she actually wanted.
  • Discovering that she isn’t willing to ignore her partner to run 2 businesses.
  • Learning her limitations, particularly when it comes to her energy levels.

She learned more about WHO she is and HOW she wants to show up in life. And she did that by getting closer to her own values.

I’d say those are pretty big wins (and are foundational to the work we are now doing together – creating a path for balancing her law practice AND her passion for helping women lawyers without sacrificing herself in the process).

The lessons?

Sometimes, what you think you want isn’t what you actually want. But you can’t know that until you try it out. It’s not a failure to do that.

And often – to get to where you want to be – you must first be challenged. And fall down. Maybe even “fail”.

It’s how you discover what you DO want, and all the things you’re capable of.

This is a clear case-study in how to follow your values as your guide.

Which is why I brought this client onto the podcast – along with her fellow mastermind members – today.

Join me to find out how these 3 amazing women have navigated their way through growth, change and even letting go. They’ll inspire YOU to do the same (because you can).

Inside This Episode of Real-Life Case Studies, You’ll:

  • Learn why values are your foundational starting points to success and happiness.
  • Discover what building a values-based practice actually means (from a more practical standpoint).
  • Get real-life examples for how to use your values when making business decisions.
  • Learn how to NOT become overwhelmed when you have big, bold goals.
  • Get clarity around how coaching and masterminding works.

Ready To Build A Values-Based Law Practice Your Way?

The women interviewed in today’s podcast are part of my current mastermind (ELEVATE). If you’re an attorney wanting support to grow your practice, ELEVATE was designed for you.

Learn more and apply >>>here.

NOTE: This is an application-only process. The group is curated to include the right mix and fit of attorneys.


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