Episode 115: What Law Firms Can Do Differently To Unlock Attorney Potential

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Law firms tend to get a bad wrap (admitedly, some of it deserved). But most want their attorneys to succeed. Join me for an honest conversation about what law firms can do differently to help unlock attorney potential and improve retainment.

    What You’ll Learn In Today’s Interview:

    • When law firms should introduce its attorneys to the concept of business development (hint: it’s much earlier than you’d think) and easy ways for creating a culture of business development at a young age.
    • How to sell easily without overtly selling.
    • The key to effectively building your own book of business.
    • The simple thing law firms can do differently to help it’s lawyers increase business (that isn’t yet another training program).
    • The #1 thing to do if you want to develop your own business.
    • Why cross-selling is the most overlooked way to grow business (and what law firms can do to increase cross-selling within the firm).

    About Randi Rosenblatt:

    Randi Rosenblatt is a passionate business developer, networker, connector, idea generator and corporate lawyer who gained experience in both private practice and in-house before transitioning out of the practice of law.

    After being instrumental in successfully growing Bliss Lawyers, a legal secondment firm, and helping with its acquisition by industry leader, Axiom, Randi launched Upward Stride to bring her experience, expertise and enjoyment in helping others level up their business development efforts and results.

    Upward Stride is a business development consulting, training and coaching firm that works with law firms and individual attorneys to enhance their business development skills, strategies and execution, leading to greater opportunities to scale.

    Connect with Randi:


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