​Thought leadership is an important component to business development you don’t want to overlook. Which – if you’re a private practice lawyer – you likely realize (even though you might chide yourself for not doing enough of it). But did you know that it’s also important for lawyers that are NOT in private practice, too?

Join me and today’s expert guest (Jay Harrington of the Thought Leadership Project podcast) to learn the what, why and how of thought leadership. You’ll even learn some simple ways to get started and how to ensure you’re not wasting time.

One of the reasons I love having guests on the podcast is for the wisdom gained through their stories. Today, Jay does not disappoint. Listen to also learn some important lessons around how to not end up in lawyer burnout.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Why Thought Leadership Is Important:

  • Exactly what thought leadership is (and why it doesn’t have to be as time consuming you you’d think).
  • How regular content creation improves your visibility and credibility.
  • How to make your time investment worthwhile by creating a feedback loop.
  • Tips for how to get started and save time.
  • Why burnout might have less to do with your firm, hours billed or outside circumstances than you think.

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      About Jay Harrington

      Jay Harrington is a legal marketing consultant, coach, law firm trainer, and published author. He helps his clients define strong market positioning, develop effective thought-leadership strategies, gain visibility through public relations, and generate new business through the execution of marketing tactics.

      Here’s how to find out more about and connect with Jay:

      Harrington Communications


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