Episode 116: Do You Have To Choose Between Money & Balance?

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

As a lawyer, do you believe you have to choose between money and balance? As if it’s an either/or choice (you can have one but not both because the practice of law just won’t allow it).

Most attorneys I know believe this. Even those that don’t admit it out loud. But I’m here to tell you it’s not true.

Listen to today’s episode to find out how to have a successful legal career – even a thriving book of business – that’s balanced with a fulfilling life outside of law.

    What’s Covered In Today’s Episode:

    • The 3 beliefs to let go of so you can have a balanced life and successful career.

    • The unintended consequences of trying to “have it all”.

    • The most important questions to ask – and answer with complete honesty – if you want both success and balance.
    • Why “more” isn’t always better (whether it’s more money, accolades, control or something else).

    • The 3 key ingredients for how to have success and balance (at the same time, on your terms).

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