Are you merely successful on paper or a happily successful lawyer? There’s a difference. Maybe you’ve achieved paper success yet…

  • Constantly worry about losing the next big case.
  • Overthink your decisions (to the point where you give yourself more doubts than when you started).
  • Second guess everything.

It’s not just that you have doubts and fears. They rule your mindset. And you can’t stop worrying about the what-if’s.

Today’s episode is for you.

Learn how to achieve true freedom as a lawyer from within (i.e., your mindset) from guest Gary Miles. And why it’s necessary if you want to become a happily successful lawyer.

Gary is a true gem with many lifetimes of wisdom wrapped into one. He’s had a long, successful (on paper) career – some of which as an active alcoholic and some as a recovering alcoholic. He wasn’t happy until he learned how to master his mind (and stop drinking).

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How drinking exacerbated his worries and fears (and the 180 mindset transformation that occured after he quit drinking).
  • The most important mindset shift that enabled him to let go of his irrational fear of losing cases.
  • How to not let failures define you.
  • How to use your values as a guide for decision-making you feel good about.
  • How to best deal with negative emotions and not let them take over (hint: don’t resist them).
  • Why you’re never stuck, and what to do if you feel that way to get unstuck quickly.

About Gary Miles

Gary Miles has been practicing law for more than four decades, primarily in litigation and, more recently, in family law. He’s been a managing partner, author, leader, and entrepreneur, and is passionate about showing people how to free themselves from the prisons that entrap them.

Through his Podcast (The Free Lawyer) and coaching, he provides practical tools to help attorneys free themselves from stress and overwhelm so they can enjoy the success and fulfillment they have always craved.

Gary lives in Pinehurst, NC, with his wife Brenda, and his two beautiful English Goldens and loves spending time with his five children and (so far) five grandchildren.

Connect with Gary here:


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