Episode 9: How To Be Productive Part 1 (A Productive Mindset)

by Heather Moulder | Life & Law Podcast

Want to be more productive? Okay, maybe that’s a dumb question because just about everyone I know wants to be as productive as possible.  That’s why today marks the first of a 2-part series on how to be productive.

But first a question. . . Have you ever asked yourself  why you want to be more productive?

Maybe you want to get more done or just want to feel like you’ve accomplished something at the end of each day.

But is that what’s really driving your desire to be as productive as you can?  I don’t think so.

In my experience, the driving force behind wanting to be productive is a desire to be able to do more of whatever it is that YOU want to be doing.

It’s a prioritization issue.  And yet most of what you find when googling how to be productive are time management hacks and strategies for how not to get distracted.

Although those things are important, the truth is that productivity starts with proper prioritization.  There’s just one problem: prioritization is a struggle for most people.

The good news is that it need not be such a struggle.  The key is to have the right mindset (a productive mindset).  And that’s what today’s Life & Law Podcast Episode is all about.

In Today’s Episode About How To Be Productive, You’ll Learn:

  • Why the foundation to being productive is your mentality.
  • Why prioritization is so hard for so many (and what to do about that).
  • How to say no, push things off and delegate with ease.

Today isn’t just about how to be productive, but will help you develop a productive mindset that empowers you to prioritize the right things.

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