We all know the benefits of remote work but what about the drawbacks? Because there ARE drawbacks.

The pandemic and related policies have changed how – and where – many lawyers do their work. We’re working remotely more often – sometimes within a hybrid arrangement, some of us as full-time remote workers.

Which is why I wanted to address the challenges head-on in this first episode of Season 3 of the Life & Law Podcast.

Join me today to find out the personal and professional challenges to working remotely (and how to address them).

Here’s What We Cover In The Challenges Of Remote Work:

  • Why working remotely isn’t for everyone.
  • The mental health drawbacks of working remotely (that’s applicable to everyone, even introverts).
  • What to think about when deciding whether to take on a hybrid or remote work arrangement.
  • The professional drawbacks to not working remotely, and how to combat that.

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